is an initiative of Batas Organization which is an independent company. It works fairly for all brands and auto dealers for their individual vehicle. It provides free services through the website for buying selling any vehicle. No fees or commission are charged on any of the facilities or transaction done through this site. recommends customers to check the vehicle condition properly and negotiate the price with the seller. The full authority for any financial transaction on buying and selling vehicle has been given to buyer and seller. If customers need any kind of consultation, vehicle valuation, mechanical checkups, please contact our trade in center at Gairidhara.


About Us

1969. Pokhara. It all began with a humble trading business initiated by Shree Ram Prasad Batas. While the business was catering to the general needs of then Pokhara at its own capacity; a need for expansion was felt to increase the service base and sector. Growing with the growth of the people, outlets started multiplying and ventures growing into various sectors. It was not as easy as is being written. But every-time, and in all its small or big scales, Batas always maintained its ethics and customer orientation in real sense. Learning with time and experience, the second generation of Batas took the lead of business and harvested better sustainable opportunities for future institutionalizing the initiatives and taking the business to a different level altogether.

Taking Batas from Pokhara to Kathmandu and many other parts of the nation, Batas has really fine tuned its business model and developed standard operating procedures which link to the customer loyalty, its today's most valuable wealth. Changing with time and adjusting with new needs, Batas is a dynamic organization- rich in commitments.

Batas today is Nepal's one of the most successfully growing organizations. While it is the most
popular name for Automobiles, it is equally a most preferred option for refinance, remittance, retail, energy, travel and tourism, FMCG, and many others.

As the Batas Chairman Mr. Anand Batas says- "Lets opt for a sustainable organic growth and tuned ambition but never default on values and commitments", the team of more than 250 employees subscribe that to their own values and practices and thus a strong culture is made.

An organization of more than 16 different companies, partner of various renowned international and local brands ( like Eicher, Fiat, Petronas, Hyosung, Globatt, Himal Remit) , and Network of more than 1500 nodes, Batas is growing- growing on the frameworks of its strong values, growing with vision and solid plans and growing with its team, growing to contribute to the Nation.

Batas will expand, diversify as a part of its plan, make various other business movements; but will always stand for its commitments.

Our Vision

The organization of values, partnerships, and results; growing organically and responsibly to create a distinguished space in the business spectrum.

Our Mission

Rich in commitment, we will:
- Apply hospitality based approach in all customer  interfaces
- Provide only the appropriate quality products that a  customer actually needs
- Be genuine in everything we do
- Grow with Customer


Director's Message

Nepal wheels Pvt. Ltd., a sister concern of Batas Organization is established to serve buy, sale and exchange of multi brand of new and used or pre-owned vehicles. It is located at Gairidhara on the way to Baluwatar, Kathmandu Nepal. From the commencement period, Nepal wheels has been showing its performance on sale, buy and exchange of multi brand vehicles. The main objective of this company is not only to gain profit but also to satisfy the customer prioritizing service.

Nepal is established to walk with technology for the buying and selling of new and pre-owned Vehicle by the web transmission portal The feature demonstrated on the web page portal will be helpful while assessing buying and selling of desired vehicle by simply clicking on The motto of is to "update yourself to buy or sell the vehicle."

We provide after sales service as per requirement of customer. Our service centre is located at Gairidhara Chowk..

We warmly request to visit the Nepal wheels and allow us to welcome you.

- Mr. Pashupati Rajbhandari


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