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List of Mechanics

We have listed some of the experience mechanics, please feel free to contact them.

Kailash workshop Kailash Kumar Balaju 9803696790
Baba Bishwakarma Rameshwor Shahi Balaju 9841224608
Motorcycle Repairing Center Buddha Ratna Maharjan Thamel Thamel
Anil Motorcycle Workshop Anil Maharjan Dhalko 9841249738
Prakash Motorcycle Workshop Prakash Maharjan Dhalko 9841337349 / 9741113038
Prakash Motorcycle Workshop Prakash Dahal Nayabazar 9851132204
Indrayani Auto Workshop Tirtha Maharjan Khusibu 4269816
Kiran Workshop Kiran Bhotebahal 9841455298
Daju Bhai Motorcycle Workshop Ananda Shrestha Balkhu 9841242760
Shree Harati Mata Auto Workshop harati Teku 9841307073
Jilli Motor Cycle Workshop Jilli Teku 9841414935
Suman Motorcycle Workshop Suman Teku 9841339884
Sonuka Brothers Motorcycle Workshop Sonuka Teku 9851231321
Samyog Motorcycle Samyog Motorcycle Teku 9841275818
Jay Shree Bhimsen Workshop Sanjay Shorkhutte 9841918758
Suraj Motorcycle Workshop Suraj Balaju 9841251147
Kiran Motorcycle Workshop Kiran dai Kathmandu 9841510993 ktm@

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Because we are easy to work with .As Nepalwheels have adopted new technology , ensure that our customer will receive a value added services and assure reliability to help you with all your queries.


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We also assist support for your financial procedures.

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We are located at Gairidhara ,a local business hub hosting several national companies and organizations so you can easily reach to us.

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